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Education Program

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Program Start Date:

July 1, 2019


Bridging The Gap

We are invested in providing programs that empower the community and deliver the support they need when needed. We see every challenge as an opportunity, and the foundation has partnered with the local school (Complejo Educativo Doctor Alberto Luna) in San Sebastian Salitrillo to bridge the academic gap. The programs offered are vital to bringing meaningful change to the lives of the youth as we look to break cycles of limited opportunities. 


GIVE's approach is a 3 tier plan

  1. Academic Programs (Pre-K - 9th Grade)​

  2. Scholarships (High School)

  3. Entrepreneurship opportunities (High School)

Tier 1: Academic Programs

Every child deserves an opportunity to learn in an inviting and innovative setting. Through our programs, we look to give the students a jump start and a different approach to their traditional learning styles. Therefore, the foundation bridges the academic gap through:​​

  • Literacy Program

    • Estrellita Accelerated Beginning Spanish Reading Program provides students from Pre-K, Kinder, and 1st Grade reading fundamentals in their native language. They will receive intensive reading and comprehension skills. ​

  • English Program​

    • Access to a second language opens opportunities for students once they graduate high school. ​Students from 2nd Grade to 7th Grade will be provided a fundamental course in a second language. We believe instructing students at an early age better equips them for acquiring a second language. ​

  • Math Program

    • Intervention program to bridge gaps in math.​

    • Provided for students in 5th Grade - 10th Grade.

Tier 2: Scholarships

The foundation annually offers ten scholarships to the outgoing High School class. Many students do not pursue a college degree due to the lack of economic resources to pay for books, transportation, food, and academic materials. The foundation supports students who demonstrate dedication and desire to pursue higher education. The scholarship program will ensure and secure their education to create meaningful change in their lives, for their families, and the community.​

All students are required to take an admission test. Students who do not meet the minimum requirements to access the university enter our tutoring program for one year. This program prepares students for the admissions test and provides a workload that simulates what they will encounter at the university.​

All students awarded commit to serving 10 hours weekly in community service. They give their time to assist the academic programs in Early Childhood (Estrellita), and they lead the nutrition program and clothing distribution.

Tier 3: Entrepreneurship

Through our entrepreneurship program, we have the potential to make a real and positive change in the lives of the students and the community. GIVE looks to allow students to create and give back to their community. 

The foundation invites students in high school to solve community problems by creating small businesses. Students who present viable solutions will be given a grant to start their endeavor and will commit to giving back 10% of their future profits to create a self-sustaining program that benefits the community.​

GIVE has both short-term and long-term goals for the development of the program.​


  • We look to create opportunities for students to complete the change they want to see

  • We look to make students job creators

  • We look to provide the community with solutions to everyday needs

  • We look to create economic development

​Long-term Goals:

  • We look for the educational resources provided from Pre-K - 9th Grade to be applied once the students reach high school

  • Project-Based Learning established through the literacy program will assist in the development of solutions to community needs

  • English program will provide an opportunity to expand beyond their community possibly

  • Technology will allow them to seek markets beyond their immediate community

Power in Numbers



Number of students participating in the programs

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