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In 2017 GIVE began distributing food packs to 35 underprivileged families; however, GIVE was established many years before that.

My grandfather passed away on June 28, 2011, and in our time of grief, we were made aware of his acts of generosity. Several individuals that were touched by his amazing heart approached us with stories about how he provided food during their most difficult time. How he was present and available. Juan Hernandez was loving, compassionate, stern, just, and aware; aware of how others were affected, and how he could help.

With every story, anecdote, and condolences received a project was born. A project to continue serving his community and assisting people during their time of need. When my parents immigrated to the United States in search of better opportunities, they left me in good hands, loving hands. My grandparents gave me the love and care that I needed, and Papa Juan, as he was called by all his grandchildren showed me how to care for others. He wasn't a man that would talk much but was a man that would show us with his actions. He didn't need to say that he loved me, he showed it. He didn't need to tell me to work hard, he showed it. He didn't tell me to treat others with respect, he showed it. He didn't tell me to trust God, he showed it.

The sorrow felt during his death, turned to fuel. That fuel has kept this project alive and has evolved over the years. The foundation is now a Christian non-profit, which is fitting since all my grandfather was doing was following what we are instructed to do, love our neighbor.

Remember that GENEROSITY IS VALUED EVERYWHERE and all we are called to do is to act on that. LOVE THROUGH ACTION, LOVE THROUGH SERVICE.



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