Youth Ministry
"The House"

Bridging the Gap

While we are proud of the work that is being done in the education and nutrition programs, we must bridge the GAP between the two to create real change. For this reason THE HOUSE is our most crucial program to bear the fruit of the foundation as a whole.


What is the House? First and foremost it is a youth ministry where we will share JESUS, we look to plant seeds and allow the Spirit to do His work. In this space we will worship and share the gospel. 


The House will be a safe space, where students can come to hang out, study, receive educational assistance through arts and crafts, and story time for the young ones. In addition, The House will serve students through: 

  • The creation of a clothing closet where they will have access to free clothing

  • A hydroponics garden, the food harvested will be used to feed students


How do we bridge the gap? The House will allow the foundation to discuss our core beliefs and require them to experience our love through action. We are called to love one another, and what better way to reciprocate the love and attention they are receiving from you, the donors, to their community. 


Is it only for Christians? NO, it’s for everyone. But we will talk JESUS.