The Team

Committed to the Cause


Juan Hernandez


His generosity towards his neighbors and his love for God was evident in how he lived. A loving grandfather who demonstrated how to treat others. He inspired us to be better human beings than we were yesterday and it is in his honor that this foundation was formed.


Carlos Gonzalez


After my grandfather's passing, continuing his work through a legacy project was my dream. In 2017 that dream became a reality and has become my drive. God has blessed GIVE with people with a great heart and the resources to assist and change lives. Looking forward to sharing this journey. 


Mayra Gonzalez

Director of Education


Jose Varela

Logistics Coordinator

Trustworthy and a great human being. Jose is the one the foundation relies on to execute all plans on the ground. From toy distributions to organizing door-to-door food distributions. Respected in the community and reliable to get the job done. It is our privilege to have him on our team.

A woman with a great heart, with a passion for education and seeing kids grow. Mayra is the team organizer, the one that will keep the agenda and projects moving along, the one in the background that is not seen but greatly needed. We are privileged to have her heart on our team.


Morena Lopez

Food Distribution Coordinator

With us since our start, Morena is a reason why the food distribution project continues to grow year over year. Her reliability in organizing the distribution every month and identifying the families in need has allowed GIVE the confidence to continue increasing the aid to the community.


Hugo Vega

Principal - Complejo Educativo Dr. Alberto Luna

A man with a heart of service, Profe Vega as we call him serves as an integral part of the change through education the foundation looks to create. His love and service to the children and the culture and team he has built are a testament to who he is.

Distribution Team

Distribution Team

Distribution Team

Distribution Team

Distribution Team

Distribution Team

Distribution Team

Distribution Team

Distribution Team

Distribution Team

Board of Directors

When choosing our board of directors, our goal was centered around one requirement, was Jesus reflected in their lives? We are blessed and excited to know that we have a diverse group of individuals that are united in Christ. Our board members all bring their unique perspectives and understand that the goal is to serve those in need. This group is made up of optimist, methodical, critical, passionate, and caring individuals that will keep the foundation honest, grounded and centered on the mission.