Food Distribution

$10 Makes a Difference

This is one of our key areas of focus here at GIVE and a source of much success. The foundation began by providing meals in 2017 to 35 families and has grown the number of families assisted year over year. Through this program, we provide basic grains (rice, corn, and beans) for the most vulnerable within the community; and as the program continues to expand so do our plans. Over the next months and years, we look to change how we acquire the basic grains and may look to expand the offerings.

Current grain acquisition:

  • Purchase grains from a wholesaler

Future grain acquisition:

  • Purchase from the local community

  • Purchase of land

    • The land will allow the foundation to create jobs​

    • Better manage cost and expand the offerings

    • Create a self-sustaining program




cost of a food pack

$10 provides a family of four a nutrition pack that contains: Eggs, Rice, Beans, and Corn.


Number of families

Currently we are providing food security to 180 families in the local community

1 Million+

Number of meals

We have served over one million meals since the start of the program in 2017