Bridging The Gap

We are invested in an innovative approach that empowers our community and delivers the support they need when they need it. We see every challenge as an opportunity and the foundation has partnered with the local school to bridge the educational gap. The education program is vital to bring meaningful change to the lives of the youth as we look to break cycles of limited resources and lack of opportunities. 

GIVE's approach is a 3 tier plan

  1. Educational Resources (Pre-K - 9th grade)

  2. Entrepreneurship opportunities (High School)

  3. Scholarships (High School)


GIVE's Approach

Tier 1

Educational Resources (Pre-K - 9th Grade)

We believe every child deserves an opportunity to learn in an inviting and innovative setting. We look to enhance communication, collaboration, and creativity skills for students to become contributors in our ever-changing world. We believe educators should be provided the resources to enhance student learning. Therefore, the foundation looks to bridge the educational gap through:

  1. Literacy Program

  2. English Program​

  3. Technology​​​​

  4. Learning space enhancements

Literacy Program (Project Based Learning): GIVE looks to provide students opportunities to engage and develop strong reading foundational skills. This will allow them to acquire deeper knowledge and develop critical thinking skills through active exploration of real-world challenges.

English Program: GIVE looks to provide students opportunities to develop a second language at a young age. Our vision is to give the students an educational advantage. This will give them access to better opportunities in the future. 

Technology: Exposure to innovation, GIVE wants to provide the students with 21st-century learning opportunities.

Learning Space Enhancements: GIVE looks to provide students with clean and safe learning facilities. 

Tier 2

Entrepreneurship Program

Through our entrepreneurship program, we have the potential to make a real and positive change in the life of the students and the community. GIVE looks to provide students with an opportunity to create and give back to their community.


The foundation will invite students in high school to solve community problems through the creation of small businesses. Students that present viable solutions will be given a grant to start their endeavor and will commit to giving back 10% of their future profits to create a self-sustaining program that benefits the community.

GIVE has both short-term and long-term goals for the development of the program.


  • We look to create opportunities for students to create the change they want to see

  • We look to make students job creators

  • We look to provide the community with solutions to everyday needs

  • We look to create economic development

Long-term Goals:

  • We look for the educational resources provided from Pre-K - 9th Grade to be applied once the students reach high school

  • Project-Based Learning established through the literacy program will assist in the development of solutions to community needs

  • English program will provide an opportunity to possibly expand beyond their community

  • Technology will allow them to seek markets beyond their immediate community

Tier 3


The foundation seeks to grant students scholarship opportunities to continue higher education. Many students do not pursue college due to the lack of economic resources to pay for tuition, books, transportation, and food. The foundation looks to support high school students that demonstrate their dedication in high school and their desire and passion to pursue higher education. Students will be given an opportunity to apply for scholarships, and the foundation will monitor their educational development. The scholarship program will ensure and secure their education to create meaningful change in their lives, for their families, and community.